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Behaviour Programmes 

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Remote Behaviour Consultations

Step 1 

Choose the behaviour programme that suits your needs (Natalie can help you choose). Please book a FREE Consultation call here to get help with this here.​ We take payment and send you the electronic forms via email to be filled out online.

Step 2 

Press submit on the electronic forms to get them back to us, take up to 3 short videos of your dog's behaviour on your phone (instructions can be found here). 

Step 3 

Relax and get training through Natalie's revolutionary, online behaviour consults, with regular support through video submission feedback calls,  for setting and reviewing training progress.

What happens next

Natalie will send you and your vet a copy of the behaviour assessment, and you will get a fully tailored training plan that you will be working through together on a regular basis within 14 days of the first consult.

To see just some of the reasons Pawsitive Dog Behaviour are so excited to be leading the way for online behaviour work here. 

Natalie Turton BSc Hons ACDBC

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer

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Working with your vet

Our veterinary referral form is signed by your vet after they have completed a health check on your dog. The health check will rule out any unseen medical issues that may contribute to your dog’s behaviour. Most vets in the UK are familiar with this system and will be happy to work with you to help your dog.

Absolutely fantastic working with Natalie at PDBC to teach our reactive dog some new tricks. We were amazed at how much progress we made during the time with Natalie. Tilly has made massive leaps in progress and so have we! We even managed to approach to meet PDBC stooge Tilly.

Unheard of just three months ago. The little nuggets of advice from lead walking, feeding, harnesses to supplements have been instrumental to the changes we’ve seen. We couldn’t have done it without Natalie’s care, understanding and patience. Thank you again.

Laura Murphy

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"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

Great muzzles for great dogs 

Keep it fun muzzle training 

Muzzle training, an absolute must for all!

Muzzle training is recommended for all dogs especially those with behaviour issues, this is for a variety of reasons, not least that vets have the right to refuse treatment of an animal they are not able to muzzle. Any animal in pain can become unpredictable and aggressive. Having your dog comfortable with a muzzle as early as possible safeguards them and yourselves, in situations you know your dog is likely to react badly and are out of your control.

Pawsitive Dog Behaviour recommends custom made Truffle Muzzles, They are particularly comfortable and it is easy for your dog to eat treats while wearing one which is important for training. Some muzzle can restrict breathing, especially traditional ones designed for flat-faced dogs, so they are really not made to be used for a long period of time. Truffle Muzzles, however, do not restrict dogs carrying out all normal behaviours e.g. sniffing, yawning, panting, breathing, barking, drinking and eating. For training it is really important dogs can do all of these things. 

Please note dogs can chew through any muzzle if sufficiently motivated to do so, with the exception of those made with a metal cage. That is why appropriate training is so important. Please see the following link of our Pawsitive Stooge Dog Snowy in the early stages of muzzle training, before we got a custom made muzzle:

Different Dogs, Different Needs, Different Programs

We are always here to help you get in touch here.