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Dog Reactivity 

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Reactive - Relaxed Terrier & Hound Membership

Reactivity is a blanket issue that can broadly be separated into three categories starting from the least to the most serious:

1. frustrated greeters

2. fear-aggression

3. overt aggression (red flag cases)

Category two and three dogs require ongoing maintenance training so as not to revert back to dangerous go-to behaviours. Dogs in category three particularly tend to get put down because these dogs have not been identified as being in category three until a severe dog attack has occurred (J. Gray., 2018). 

Individual and breed differences in responses to stress have a relationship with behaviour, especially reactivity (R. Lensen, et al., 2019). Therefore, it’s imperative to be a part of a group that really understands your dog's breed characteristics so that you can get tailored advice and bespoke behaviour training you need.


That is why Natalie has developed the Reactive - Relaxed Terrier & Hound Membership, as part of her lifes work to help keep dogs' out of rescue shelters, with the understanding that Terriers and Hounds are very different to other breeds, and really need expert help to reach their potential, and learn better behaviour choices around the things they react to.

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Natalie Turton BSc Hons ACDBC

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer