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Dog Training Classes & Memberships 

Online Courses

An amazing 14-week course that will help transform your reactive dog into a relaxed dog by teaching you how to harness the power of their most important tool, their sense of smell, through 7 exciting and challenging modules that build teamwork and help your dog make better behaviour choices. 

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The next great instalment by Dog Behaviourist Natalie Tuton BScHons ACDBC

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In-Person Courses

Pawsitive Impact Scent Work for Dogs With Behaviour Issues

This course is ideal for dogs that have behaviour issues e.g. reactivity that can not usually attend group classes. A jam-packed six hours split over a three-week period with a maximum of two dogs per class with an Accredited Dog Behaviourist and Scent Work Instructor Specialising in severe reactivity and aggression cases. 

This is suitable for dogs that would not normally be able to attend group classes.

The course will be held in Cotgrave on the edge of the village, where there is a small but superior set-up in comparison to many dog training venues. 

Limited availability, waiting list available. 

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Reactive - Relaxed Terrier & Hound Membership

Reactivity is a blanket issue that can broadly be separated into three categories starting from the least to the most serious:

1. frustrated greeters

2. fear-aggression

3. overt aggression (red flag cases)

Category two and three dogs require ongoing maintenance training to not revert to dangerous go-to behaviours. Category three dogs tend to get put down because they do not get help until a severe dog attack has occurred (J. Gray., 2018). 

Individual and breed differences in responses to stress have a relationship with behaviour, especially reactivity (R. Lensen, et al., 2019). Therefore, it’s imperative to be a part of a group that really understands your dog's breed so that you can get specific individual advice and training.


Natalie has developed the Reactive to Relaxed Terrier & Hound Membership, as part of her lifes work to help keep dogs out of rescue shelters, with the understanding that Terriers and Hounds are very different to other breeds, and really need expert help to reach their potential, and learn better behaviour choices around the things they react to. Want to find out more? Have a look at this amazing offer here.   

Natalie Turton BSc Hons ACDBC

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer

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Different Dogs, Different Needs, Different Programs

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