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We use scentwork to change the behaviour of dogs with issues like reactivity. Find out more about this increasingly popular and fun dog sport!

About Natalie

I started my journey with rescue dogs in 2006 at Nottingham Trent University, where I did two degrees with canine-specific modules focused on behaviour…

Professional Mentorship

Behaviour Case Mentorship Programme

A fantastic opportunity to get specialist help with your reactivity and aggression behaviour cases with Natalie, a leading dog behaviour expert. She has been involved in the mentorship of students and professionals working in the industry since 2015. Natalie has many qualifications, including a foundation and honours degree with a focus on canine behaviour and the canine olfactory system and 14 years of experience working with dogs to overcome severe behaviour issues in various settings, e.g. rescue shelters, kennels, client homes and remotely. Every purchase of this  Mentorship hour entitles you to the opportunity to shadow Natalie twice, with her behaviour cases at no charge.


How it works

Getting started

Book your one hour remote or in-person (NG12 only) professional consultation, uploading the behaviour cases you need help with so Natalie can prepare for your appointment where she will expertly guide you through each individual case here.

What happens next

Each professional consultation entitles you to an hours shadowing one of Natalie’s behaviour cases or group session depending on availability and what meets the needs of your professional development. 


Working with


Kick start your career in training and behaviour with a leading industry expert, whether you want to incorporate scentwork into your training because everybody has heard about the impressive benefits for dog behaviour. Still, you aren’t sure how to go about it. Perhaps you need support with your first behaviour cases or have been taking on more challenging reactivity and aggression cases for a while, and you want to take your existing knowledge and experience to the next level. You could not be in better hands than you could be with Natalie.  








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