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We use scentwork to change the behaviour of dogs with issues like reactivity. Find out more about this increasingly popular and fun dog sport!

About Natalie

I started my journey with rescue dogs in 2006 at Nottingham Trent University, where I did two degrees with canine-specific modules focused on behaviour…

A Message from Natalie

“Kindness, compassion and time.”


When we are talking about reactivity and aggression, even in the mildest of cases, we have to think about how long it is going to take for you and your dog to change behaviour.

It can be difficult for us to break bad habits and it’s infinitely harder for our dogs, especially in the beginning while we are putting together the behavioural foundations. I will teach you how to communicate with your dog so that they will understand and make better choices. This takes kindness, compassion and time.

I advise that clients work with me for a minimum of three months in order for us to achieve the desired results. When it comes to behaviour training, there is no quick fix. It takes time and patience in order to change your dog’s behaviour for good. I want you to get the most out of our training sessions and enjoy a positive experience throughout. Once the recommended training is completed, you will have a happier and more content dog enabling you to cherish your new relationship together. By putting into practice all of the things you have learned together. 

How it works

Step 1 

Choose the behaviour programme that suits your needs (Natalie can help you choose). Please book a FREE Consultation call here to get help with this here.​ We take payment and send you the electronic forms via email to be filled out online.


Step 2 

Press submit on the electronic forms to get them back to us, take up to 3 short videos of your dog’s behaviour on your phone (instructions can be found here). 

Step 3 

Relax and get training through Natalie’s revolutionary, online behaviour consults, with regular support through video submission feedback calls,  for setting and reviewing training progress.

What happens next

Natalie will send you and your vet a copy of the behaviour assessment, and you will get a fully tailored training plan that you will be working through together on a regular basis within 14 days of the first consult.

To see just some of the reasons Pawsitive Dog Behaviour are so excited to be leading the way for online behaviour work here.

All behaviour programmes offer behavioural consultations which will take place on a remote basis. This allows you to receive expert advice for you and your dog in their natural surroundings without the added distraction of a third party. This revolutionary way of training is proven to achieve faster and more effective results. In-person stooge dog sessions are still available and held in Cotgrave.

Our Behaviour programmes are tailored to your needs


Working with

your Vet

Our veterinary referral form is signed by your vet after they have completed a health check on your dog. The health check will rule out any unseen medical issues that may contribute to your dog’s behaviour. Most vets in the UK are familiar with this system and will be happy to work with you to help your dog.

We are always here to help

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We believe basic, kind, and compassionate training methods should be accessible to everyone and we want to help make that happens by providing free resources to help you deal with basic issues and give you the right start with your new dog. Get your free Puppy Training Handbook!

Online Courses

Can’t get to one of our in-person workshops? Or prefer to learn online in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace? We understand the benefits of online courses and have developed this specialist range of courses to help you learn complex skills and use them in the real world.


Dogs communicate and learn about the world through scent. Their noses are so amazing that we can even apply scentwork to help dogs with issues like reactivity change their behaviour. Find out more about this increasingly popular and fun dog sport here.

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